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Do you have concerns about your online privacy?

Every person on the internet is assigned a unique IP address by their Internet provider. Your IP address is your direct link between you and the Internet. Everything you do online can be tracked with this number, and it is also possible to see your general physical location with your IP address alone. Did you know almost every website in the world stores a log file of every visitor, and in that log file is a record of your IP address that you used when you visited the website?

Secure, highly anonymous, private proxies may be your answer!

When you buy and use an IP address from ezProxies, you use our servers as an intermediary. So what a website sees when you use our proxies is not your own IP address, but the proxy’s IP address. The thing is though, it appears to the website and to everyone else that it is indeed an IP assigned by an Internet provider. This is the magic of a highly anonymous proxy! Complete security and anonymity. With our great prices and support, there is no reason not to buy proxies today!


These proxies are private but are shared amongst the users of ezProxies. Stable, fast and secure. Shared Proxies suit the needs of most people.

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The ultimate in online security, these proxies are available for your use only and no one else. Private Proxies are for the most demanding projects.

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