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How to Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks

In the age of the internet, with computer viruses and cyberattacks and everything that comes with it, it can be not easy to protect your online security. Cybersecurity can help ordinary consumers as well as business owners. These include using proxy sites, utilizing best employee practices for security measures, and educating and training your staff. Here are some steps to take to minimize your risk of being hacked.  

Use a Proxy Site

For the everyday internet user, you may or may not be aware of Proxy sites. They are best known as a way to stay anonymous while surfing the internet. It’s common for professionals in the security field and reporters and whistleblowers to protect their identity by utilizing proxy sites. Why not use one yourself? Someone trying to infiltrate your files and business will have a much harder time hacking your server if concealed behind a proxy site. A proxy site is also suitable for protecting business development and trade secrets. Overall, your website and activities will be more secure when utilizing a proxy site. 

Safeguard your Hardware

Securing your computers and software is a must for all business owners. Only share passwords with necessary employees with a complicated combination. When creating these passwords, pick something hard to guess and commit to memory instead of writing it down. Don’t overlook the effectiveness of fastening computers to desks. WOuld be intruders will have difficulty moving equipment tied down to a desk to steal pertinent and valuable information. Make sure to install “find my device” software on all company technological items. If an item comes up stolen, it will be easier for the authorities to find the missing equipment.  

Make your Staff Aware of the Possibility of Cyber Crime

Although you may be up to date on the latest cybercrime news and policies, if you don’t educate your employees on the risk of cybercrime happening, you have in a way canceled all of your reasonable measures out and are starting from square one. You could be using the newest security software, but you won’t be fully protected if you don’t make your employees aware of how falling victim to cybercrime happens. Companies end up becoming hacked not because they infiltrated the security system but because an employee unwittingly gave them access. Often this occurs through an easy to guess password or becoming easy prey through a phishing email. Don’t let your team fall victim to these circumstances. Educate and empower your employees to use sound technology practices whenever possible.  

Use Common Sense

As with most things in life, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Use common sense and contact the professionals when dealing with cybersecurity measures. For more information, please contact EZProxies for all of your internet proxy needs.