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Reasons not to Use Free Proxy Sites

Free proxy services are used every day all over the world by internet users for a variety of reasons. Some of these include the ability to access sites that aren’t available in their home countries and sneak past censorship filters. These free proxy sites come at an unexpected cost, however, the security of the users.  According to a recent study done by an internet security researcher, only twenty-one percent of free proxy sites provided HTTPS traffic. HTTPS is used to encrypt sensitive information, like passwords, credit cards, and personal information. When you surf the internet via free proxy sites, you’re essentially a sitting duck for hackers to steal your data. These are some additional reasons not to use free proxy sites. 

Reasons not to Use Free Proxy Sites

A Hotbed of Malware

The proxy site might not be free of malicious malware. Because the service is free, proxy websites depend on you using their site to stay in business. They will intersperse advertisements in-between content to get you to click on those sites. Unfortunately, malware might be lurking behind those sites. Unfortunately, you may not know until it’s too late that your computer is infected. 

Proxy Sites Can Steal cookies

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who me? Couldn’t be, then who? The cookie monster? No, something much more sinister. The proxy sites stole the cookies. Whoever is operating the proxy site can have access to your cookies. Accessing your cookies may not mean anything to you other than that; these sites can again steal your personal information. Once they steal your login information, they can log in to your accounts and do a lot of damage. 

The Offer Poor Service

Because the free proxy sites run with little financial backing, the service itself is subpar. The sites themselves are overused and subject to low connectivity. There is no twenty-four-hour support and inadequate access to help when or if needed. Individual proxies in other countries may be blocked or not working at all. There are much better alternatives to losing your information on identity theft and other black-market dealings. 

There is a Better Alternative

While free proxy sites might be enticing, it’s much better to know what you are getting. Why take a chance and lose sensitive information? EZ Proxies are here to help and can offer consumer support. Shared proxies, as well as individual proxies, are available in many locations in the United States and worldwide. Please choose EZ Proxies for all your online privacy needs.